About us

UNIGOMEZ SAS is a company from Santander that began as a family economic activity of the Gómez family in 1920 in the San Pablo sector in Vélez Santander, producing an artisan guava paste known at the time as conserva.

The artisan conserva was made from 70% guava pulp and 30% of sugar cane brown syrup, in a tedious process since at that time they lacked machinery for its elaboration, the process started at 3 am, setting the burners to cook the guava, then they were manually pulped using a cloth or sieve so that only the pulp passed, it was cooked in the burners with sugar cane brown syrup while beating by hand with a wooden shovel until it was ready and poured into wooden molds with a bijao leaf in the middle, it was allowed to cool for 48 hours and it was cut with a knife or machete in blocks of 3,6 and 12,5 kilograms to later wrap it in a dry banana stem, tied with cabochon and packed in bags with an approximate weight of 60 kilograms each one.

Since then, it has been developed as a family tradition where, little by little, refined sugar, motors for whipping and mechanical pulping were incorporated, but there was still no steam boiler to cook the product, it was an economic activity only in high demand seasons, in which the Boyacá department celebrated its religious fairs and festivals and the product was purchased as part of tradition.

Until 2001, it was decided that producing conserva would be the main economic activity of the Gómez family, the first steam boiler was purchased and production began in greater quantities, as a consequence of the increase in demand and the difficulties for To produce on a sidewalk away from main roads in 2015, a land with an strategic location is purchased and a production plant is built under the principles of the GMP, all accompanied by seed capital from SENA institute as part of a productive project to strengthen regional initiatives and where it was formalized under the legal entity of UNIGOMEZ SAS, the CONSERVA VELEÑA brand was created, sanitary and operating permits were processed and the banana stem packaging was replaced by a cardboard also tied with cabochon to sell the presentation of 500 g bar.

Later in 2018, we ventured into the guava paste varieties with milk sweet, a point of sale was opened and the GMP standards were implemented in our process.


At UNIGOMEZ S.A.S we develop, produce and market food products based on guava and milk in the province of Vélez, Santander for the entire national and international territory, which preserve and rescue the typical and traditional flavors. Through total quality and continuous improvement, with the aim of achieving total satisfaction and profitability for the organization and the different stakeholders in a framework of corporate social responsibility.


In the year 2024, UNIGOMEZ S.A.S will position its products in the main national supermarket chains with the conserva veleña brand, and internationally through producing for the most important brands of the American and European continent.